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Commitment to excellence in the Dairy Sector

Sèvre & Belle milk quality charter

La Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, dedicated to the collection of milk in the dairy sector, is firmly committed to the quality and taste of its dairy productsthrough its milk production charter. This charter, developed with care and rigor in 1997, not only guarantees high standards in milk production, but also exemplary traceability at every stage of the process.

Committed to

La Laiterie Terre de Sèvre attaches paramount importance to the well-being of breeders and their herds. Thus, the producers of the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre adhere to animal-friendly breeding practices, promoting their health and comfort. This special attention is directly reflected in the quality of the milk produced.

The quality of our milk is also preserved thanks to strict standards in animal feed and farm management. The Cooperative ensures that producers use sustainable and responsible methods throughout the milk sector, guaranteeing production GMO-free and palm oil-free, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment and the health of animals.

Sèvre & Belle, a commitment to excellence in the Dairy Industry

Moreover, traceability in the dairy sector is a top priority. Each tank of milk is monitored from its collection on the farm to its processing in our dairies. We are able to precisely trace the origin of each of our goat cheeses, butters and milk, thus offering total transparency to consumers concerned about the origin of their food.

Finally, our commitment to quality and taste is reflected in every product we offer to the market. To have fresh milk for the different cheeses and milk, we strive to maintain a constant level of excellence, thus guaranteeing an incomparable taste experience for our customers.

Thus, thanks to the milk production quality charter, the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre and la Laiterie Terre de Sèvre are committed to offering dairy products of impeccable quality, while preserving the agricultural traditions of the dairy sector and meeting the most demanding expectations of consumers.

A lasting commitment to the Dairy Sector