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Reducing the carbon footprint: a priority within our Cooperative!

The Sèvre Dairy Cooperative, which includes the Echiré, Sèvre & Belle and Atelier de la Sèvre brands, is known and recognized for its avant-garde practices. Historically monitoring market trends, we have been able to build a solid track record of more than 125 years. In this sense, our aspirations for a more virtuous world and our ambitions for the future have led us to initiate an ambitious CSR approach within our cooperative. This approach is based on 3 main pillars: society, the environment and the economy. Currently, we are dedicated to over 30 distinct CSR projects.

Among these and more specifically in the environmental sphere, we are actively working to reduce the carbon footprint generated by our producers' farms. Since January 2021, 100% of our dairy cow farmers have committed to going through an in-depth assessment of the carbon footprint of their farms. This is thanks to the CAP'2ER tool (www.cap2ER.fr), which will allow them:

  • Quantifying the environmental impacts generated by their livestock
  • Identifying good practices to minimize these environmental impacts
  • Creating a plan to implement improvements
  • The deployment of these different levers

This approach corresponds to our desire to build a future that is ever more respectful of the environment.