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Sèvre dairy cooperative

What is a Dairy Cooperative?

A dairy cooperative is a company owned and managed collectively by its members, who are breeders and milk producers. Its primary objective is to maximize benefits for its members, generally by providing milk processing, marketing and distribution services.

The commitments of a dairy cooperative include highlighting member breeders, respecting quality and food safety standards, as well as environmental sustainability. They often strive to maintain fair practices in relations with producers and contribute to the economic development of rural regions where they operate.

The impact of a dairy cooperative in society can be significant, as it contributes to food security, maintaining jobs in rural areas, preserving agricultural traditions and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Additionally, as a community-owned business, it can foster a sense of social responsibility and solidarity among its members and in society at large.

Sèvre & Belle dairy cooperative

The Sèvre Dairy Cooperative

In 2004,, the merger of the century-old dairies Sèvre & Belle and Echiré led to the creation of the Sèvre Dairy Cooperative (CLS), thus perpetuating a legacy of ancestral know-how.
In 2021,, it updates its Milk Production Quality charter, thus remaining at the forefront of good practices in breeding. Now an independent entity of modest size, our cooperative was born on the threshold of the new millennium, with expertise inherited from generations and a range of exceptional dairy products.

The Sèvre Dairy Cooperative brings together approximately fifty local cow's milk producers and as many local goat milk producers. Their farms are located near our two dairies: Echiré, nestled in the eponymous village, and Sèvre & Belle, established in Celles-sur-Belle. Our production sites are anchored in the heart of Deux-Sèvres, on the outskirts of the Marais Poitevin.
On a human scale, our company has 160 passionate employees, serving cooperative producers.
Our daily mission is to make the best use of milk from our partner farms.

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