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Sèvre & Belle churned butter

Sèvre & Belle La Baratte du Crémier x

La Baratte du Crémier is created from milk from our farms. This churned butter therefore displays all the flavor ofa butter from yesteryear and has a pretty pale yellow color.

Authenticity & Tradition

Discover Sèvre & Belle churned butter, available in soft and semi-salted versions, for an authentic and refined taste experience. Made from carefully selected milk from our farms, this butter embodies tradition and artisanal know-how. Its remarkable smoothness and characteristic pale yellow color testify to the exceptional quality of our product. Savor every moment with our churned butter, a true homage to the flavors of yesteryear that will enhance all your gourmet moments.

La Baratte du Crémier

Baratte du crémier doux

Baratte du crémier demi-sel

Sèvre & Belle

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