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Dairy farmer at Sèvre & Belle

Passionate breeders

Within de la Laiterie Terre de Sèvre Dairy, the breeders are not simply producers, but active members of a community united by a common passion for their profession and a deep respect for their animals. Every day, at dawn, our breeders get up to milk their cows and pamper their goats, with the conviction that the quality of the milk directly depends on the well-being of the animals and the quality of their environment.

La Laiterie Terre de Sèvre provides a framework conducive to the exchange of knowledge and innovation. Breeders share their experiences, techniques and best practices during meetings or specialized training. Together, we constantly seek to improve our production methods, adopt cutting-edge technologies and to meet the ever-changing challenges of the dairy industry.

Together, we form a strong and essential partnership in the agricultural landscape. We embody the fundamental values ​​of family farming, sustainability and community solidarity. Our work has a profound impact on the local economy, global food security and the preservation of our planet. It is therefore essential to support and promote them in order to build a better future for future generations.

Dairy farmer at Sèvre & Belle

Our breeders and our goats

An Essential Tandem

In the world's agricultural landscape, breeders and their goats form an inseparable tandem, embodying a symbiotic relationship dating back millennia. These artisans of the land, devoted to their goat herd, shape not only our rural landscapes, but also our culinary traditions, our economy and our culture.

Goat breeders are often guardians of ancestral traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Their know-how, acquired over the centuries, is a true alchemy between experience, intuition and knowledge of the field. Their deep connection with their animals goes far beyond just managing a herd. It is a relationship marked by mutual respect and subtle understanding of the needs of each individual in the group.
Goat breeders play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity and sustainable land management. Their traditional agricultural practices, focused on respect for the environment and animal wellness, contribute to maintaining the ecological balance of local ecosystems, promoting soil health, the conservation of native flora and the protection of wildlife savage.

Today it is approximately 50 goat breeders who contribute daily to the development of the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre. This involves different innovations, new breeding approaches, improving the quality of life of goats and even more things.

Passionate dairy farmer at Sèvre & Belle


Christophe MERCERON, Dairy farmer at Sèvre & Belle

Christophe MERCERON


Dairy cow breeders

Guardians of Milk and Land

In the vast green meadows and well-kept stables, there are dairy cow breeders, artisans of the land devoted to their herd. The daily work of a dairy farmer is much more than just farming; it is a vocation, a deep passion for their animals and for the land that nourishes them.
These are close to 50 cow breeders who participate every day in the production of milk and butter.
At dawn, before the sun has completely risen, the breeders head towards their stables. The gestures are precise, rhythmic, transmitted from generation to generation.

Each cow is treated with care, not only for his milk production, but also for his physical and emotional well-being. Breeders know each of their cows by name, habits and even moods.
They also ensure that their cows receive a balanced and nutritious diet.
Their commitment to sustainability and quality is an inspiration to those around them, reminding us of the importance of preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Dairy farmer for Sèvre & Belle


Francois ARNEAU & Antoine MADIER, dairy breeders for Sèvre & Belle

Francois ARNEAU & Antoine MADIER

Dairy farmer Benjamin RAMBAUD

Benjamin RAMBAUD

Gaec La petit Rivière