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Sèvre & Belle goat milk cheese

Our Sèvre & Belle goat cheeses

Goat's milk offers a tasty alternative to cow's milk, with a creamy texture and distinct flavors. Easier to digest, it is an ideal choice for people sensitive to lactose. Additionally, our diversity of goat cheeses offers you a rich and varied taste experience.

Our traditional cheeses

Sèvre & Belle masters the art of making cheese from raw goat milk raw, offering products of unrivaled quality. Our traditional know-how guarantees a rich and authentic flavor, preserving the natural aromas of the milk. Each goat milk cheese is the result of expertise passed down through generations, ensuring a unique taste and exceptional texture.

Raw goat milk

Le Mothais sur Feuille

Chabichou du Poitou AOP

Crottin pasteurisé (raw milk)

La bûche Caprifeuille

La bûche Caprifeuille cendrée (ash)

La petite bûche Caprifeuille

La petite bûche Caprifeuille cendrée (ash)

Le Chevrot

Le Chevrot cendré (ash)

Le Chevrot sans sel ajouté (without added salt)

Le Fine Fleur cendré (ash)

Le plateau de Crottins

Le plateau de mini Chevrots cendré et nature

Pasteurized goat milk

Crottin with pasteurized milk

Our spreadable goat's milk cheese

The Cabridoux of Sèvre & Belle is our making cheese from raw goat milk spreading emblematic, combining softness and character. Made from fresh goat's milk, it offers a creamy texture and a delicately tangy flavor. Perfect for enhancing your toast, it will delight lovers of fine and gourmet cheeses.



Sèvre & Belle

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Discover all our recipes made with Sèvre & Belle goat cheese, butter and milk! Delicious and easy-to-make recipes to enjoy every day!

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