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Sèvre & Belle French Milk

Sèvre & Belle Le Lait de nos Fermes

Sèvre & Belle Lait de nos Fermes is a top-of-the-range local product, collected in the Deux-Sèvres region, which showcases all the quality and expertise of our producers.

This exceptional French milk comes from cows fed over XNUMX% of their feed on the farm. It is collected fresh every XNUMX hours from our local producers.

Exceptional French milk

Immerse yourself in the excellence of French milk with Sèvre & Belle. Coming from our local farms and harvested every 48 hours, this product embodies refinement and artisanal quality. Our cows are fed exclusively with local forages, ensuring incomparable richness and purity in every sip. Savor the freshness and tradition of the French terroir with our milk, a true tribute to the expertise and dedication of our breeders.

Le Lait de nos Fermes

Sèvre & Belle Le Lait de Nos Fermes

Sèvre & Belle

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