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Our 5 key values

Our values, shaping our identityartisan cheesemaker, are based on integrity, commitment to quality and respect for our global environment. We constantly strive to promote ethics in our practices, to value our partners and to meet the needs of our customers with transparency and accountability.

Discover our key values ​​anchored in our DNA as an artisan cheesemaker



At Laiterie Terre de Sèvre, respect is at the heart of our interactions, whether with our employees or our partners. We value diversity of opinions and perspectives, treating everyone with consideration and dignity. Respect guides the way we work together, fostering an environment where everyone feels listened to, understood and respected.

Artisan cheese maker working with goat cheese at Sèvre & Belle



Building on our heritage and experience, we are proud of our know-how in milk production. We are committed to maintaining and passing this knowledge across generations, ensuring that our production methods are both traditional and innovative. Our expertiseartisan cheesemaker, allows us to guarantee the quality and safety of our dairy products, while continually seeking to improve.

Requirements of the Sèvre & Belle artisan cheese maker



We strive for excellence in everything we do. La Laiterie Terre de Sèvre stands out for its commitment to high quality standards, both in the selection of our suppliers and in our production processes. We are demanding of ourselves, constantly seeking to achieve the highest standards of performance, sustainability and social responsibility.

Valuing people at the artisan cheese maker Sèvre & Belle


Valorization of humans

Humans are at the heart of our concerns. We believe in the importance of valuing and supporting it. We encourage personal and professional development, foster an inclusive and equitable work environment, and invest in the well-being and growth of everyone. By recognizing the value of each individual, we strengthen bonds and contribute to collective success.

The whole history of our goat cheese



Passion for our profession and our goat cheese is what drives us every day. We are proud of our agricultural heritage and our commitment to quality dairy production. This passion is reflected in our dedication to offering the best products to our consumers, preserving the environment and supporting the economic development of rural communities. It is this passion that pushes us to surpass ourselves and pursue our mission with enthusiasm and determination.