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Eco-designed packaging UHT semi-skimmed cow's milk Sèvre&Belle

New packaging for Milk from our Sèvre & Belle Farms!

Our Milk from our Farms has a new look! We are proud to present our new carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly brick:

 – 100% recyclable cardboard from responsibly managed resources

 – Certified zero carbon emissions

 – Easy folding for simpler and less bulky recycling

The bricks are grouped together in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, FSC certified eco-responsible!

Eco-designed packaging but not only that! Our UHT milk comes from local producers and cows fed without GMOs. Quality milk with undisputed freshness since it is collected every 48 hours within a 50 km radius around the dairy. We invite you to taste our milk, produced and packaged in the heart of Charentes and Poitou!

Milk from our Farms, naturally good and responsible!