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Laiterie Terre de Sèvre, committed to more sustainable development

The vocation of the Laiterie Terre de Sèvre is to to value with excellence the cow's milk and goat's milk from our local producers. For a dairy production France responsible, we preserve ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing the creation of products of remarkable quality that highlight our terroir.

Since 2019, we have made a commitment to adopt a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) which now guides our initiatives for a dairy production France responsible. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement, by carefully listening to the expectations of all our stakeholders. After carrying out an internal assessment, we implemented an action plan based on the principles of ISO 26000, a benchmark in CSR. This allows us to act in harmony with the needs and requirements of our partners.

Transparent governance, preservation of the environment, local development, respect for human rights, fair working relationships and conditions, commitment to our customers, and the integrity of business practices are all values ​​that we place at the heart of our strategy.

Responsible French dairy production with Sèvre & Belle

Our goal is to make ourselves progress towards a sustainable future, respecting our heritage and taking into account the various stakeholders linked to our activity. We are determined that our commitment to CSR helps preserve our reputation for excellence, which has been our pride since 1893.

On dairy farms, this CSR approach takes the form of a quality charter milk which has guided the actions of the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre and those of our producers since 1997. We are invested in reducing our carbon footprint, animal welfare, the comfort of life of our breeders, as well as in the preservation of the biodiversity.

Quality charter
Celles-sur-Belle dairy, a little history