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Sèvre & Belle goat cheese

Master raw milk cheesemaker since 1893

It's been over 130 years that Sèvre & Belle perpetuates theart of raw milk goat cheese for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.
Discover the history of unique know-how of our master cheesemakers, that we have managed to perpetuate for so many years.

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Passionately Cheesemaker

Sèvre et Belle draws the best from its heritage and tradition for its goat cheese: taste, texture, regularity, smoothness.
To do this, it preserves ancestral gestures of manual care in the cellar, it requires the expertise of the master cheesemaker's eye and above all it counts on the professionalism of its breeders to produce exceptional milk.

The quality of its goat cheese is its highest level of requirement.

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Milk quality charter (GMO-free - Palm oil-free)

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Sèvre & Belle is a reference in raw milk goat cheeses In France. The brand offers all the authenticity of a high-end goat cheese from the Deux-Sèvres region. Produced in a traditional way, its products respect know-how for over 130 years.

Chevrot, Chabichou, Mothais sur Feuille and many other cheeses are made exclusively in Deux-Sèvres, using milk from local farms.

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Sèvre & Belle churned butter

Our butters

The Crémier churn is a iconic butter of Deux-Sèvres thanks to milk collected locally.
This churned butter therefore displays all the flavor of a butter from yesteryear and has a pretty pale yellow color.

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Milk from our Sèvre & Belle Farms

Our milk

Milk from our Sèvre & Belle Farms is a high-end local product that values ​​all the quality and know-how of our producers.

This exceptional milk comes from animals mainly fed on fodder produced on the farm or near farms.

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Sèvre & Belle

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Discover all our recipes made with Sèvre & Belle goat cheese, butter and milk! Delicious and easy-to-make recipes to enjoy every day!

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Sèvre & Belle

notre histoire

Since his birth in 1893, from a small dairy cooperative in Celles-sur-Belle at a place called La Vée, the Sèvre & Belle brand has evolved well.

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