• 1783

    Manually molded raw cheeses with a ladle

  • 1791

    Recipe: Rice with "Milk from our Sèvre & Belle Farms"

  • 3246

    A traditional know-how


Le Chevrot 200g Sèvre & Belle
Le Chevrot 200g Sèvre & Belle
Nos Fromages
La baratte du cremier d'antan doux S&B 250g
La baratte du cremier d'antan doux 250 g
Nos Beurres
Lait de Nos Fermes Sèvre & Belle 1L
Lait de Nos Fermes 1 L sans OGM
Notre Lait

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Sèvre & Belle

The Sèvre & Belle brand was founded in 1893 and is a part of the la Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, along with the Echiré and Atelier de la Sèvre brands.

This close-knit independent dairy cooperative is respectful of ancient expertise, which we use to make all of our products and which you can through the quality in everything we produce.

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