Sèvre & Belle

Coopérative producteurs de lait de vache et chèvre fermier Sèvre & Belle

The Sèvre & Belle brand was founded in 1893 and is a part of the la Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, along with the Echiré and Atelier de la Sèvre brands. This close-knit independent dairy cooperative is respectful of ancient expertise, which we use to make all of our products and which you can through the quality in everything we produce.

Some history on Sèvre & Belle

Since its creation in 1893, the Sèvre & Belle brand has evolved from the small dairy cooperative in Celles-sur Belle in a place known locally as “La Vée”. Before becoming a region known for its high-quality milk, the region in the south of Deux-Sèvres was mostly a wine-making area. It was only after the phylloxera blight of 1880 that this transformation took place. Indeed, the ruin of vine stocks caused many farmers from Deux-Sèvres to leave the area. It was actually the Vendéens who forged this new economy of milk production. Several years later, the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre took shape and created the Sèvre & Belle brand.

Fromages de chèvre au lait cru Sèvre&Belle

With 65 cows milk and 55 goats milk producing partners, our close-knit cooperative collects all of our 100% non-GMO milk from within a 30km radius. All of our producers are committed to producing 100% non-GMO milk, thanks to the healthy and 100% verified non-GMO food which they give to their animals. The respect we demonstrate towards our animals is essential to guarantee the quality of both our milk and our other products.

IFS Food Certification - Sèvre & Belle

This proximity allows us to keep our products fresh in order to ensure that our products are of a high quality. As our production site as Celles-sur-Belle is IFS certified, all of our products are guaranteed to be healthy.

What is the IFS?

IFS certification was implemented in 2003 in order to ensure the security of foodstuffs and to monitor the quality of products. This certification guarantees the security and quality of products for consumers. It is also responsible for community regulations relating to hygiene.

Fromages de chèvre et beurre de barratte en ligne Sèvre&Belle

A renowned brand

The Sèvre & Belle brand produces the following:

  • AOP Charentes-Poitou butter
  • Raw milk butter
  • Ladle-moulded raw milk goats cheese
  • Pasteurised goats cheese (logs and spreadable)
  • Fresh milk single and thick cream

Our AOP Charentes-Poitou is exclusively produced using milk cream from our 65 partners located within a 30km radius of our butter factory.

Thanks to the cream’s slow biological maturing phase, unique to AOP Charentes-Poitou butter, it asserts its own personality.

Our Sèvre & Belle AOP has the distinction of possessing a light and soft texture which makes it perfect for puff pastry. Its natural qualities and unique flavour make it the king of pastries for over 120 years.

Our entire range of cheeses is produced in Celles-sur-Belle in Deux-Sèvres with our guaranteed GMO-free milk being collected every 48 hours from our 55 partners, all of whom are located within a 30km radius of our dairy.

Our Chabichou du Poitou AOP is a raw milk goats cheese which takes its shape from a piece of wood which was used to close wine barrels in years gone by.

According to legend, its name dates back to the 8th Century when the Sarrasins were defeated after the Battle of Poitiers. When some of them settled in the region with their flocks of goats, they produced a cheese called Cheblis (goat in Arabic) and this would later become Chabichou.

This raw milk goat cheese has enjoyed AOP status since 1990.

We’re proud of our Chabichou du Poitou AOP which often wins awards at both local and national competitions.

Chabichou, Poitou AOP goat cheese

Les Valeurs de notre Coopérative

  • Le Respect : nous croyons au respect comme valeur fondamentale de la longévité. Le respect de l’animal, du travail des producteurs, de la transmission de nos savoir-faire et de toutes les parties prenantes de notre coopérative.
  • La Passion : nous sommes passionnés par notre métier et par la coopération. Nous allons plus vite tout seuls, mais beaucoup plus loin quand nous travaillons ensemble.
  • Le Savoir-Faire : le savoir-faire centenaire qui anime notre activité nous guide dans nos choix de tous les jours. Les pratiques traditionnelles qui nous ont été transmises par nos ancêtres ne seront jamais oubliées.
  • L’Exigence : l’exigence comme point primordial pour maintenir notre qualité. Le meilleur élevage pour nos animaux assure un lait irréprochable pour nos produits.
  • La Valorisation de l’Humain : nous sommes avant tout des femmes et des hommes. La coopération est une aventure humaine.